That’s not how you spell dummening

Firstly, I keep meaning to thank my sister again for the moisturiser she gave me for my birthday. It's from Bewitching Beauty and it's amazing stuff. So Jacqueline, if you read this – Thank you!
Secondly, I hate video conferencing – it means my boss can give me a bollocking no matter where he is! Part of the attraction of this job was that my boss was absent for most of the week if I'd known about the phone calls and video conferencing maybe I would have thought twice. Anyway, I suppose I deserved the bollocking. It has taken me an unusually long time to install an OS and standard software on a PC and then at the end of it all when I was cloning the image to an external hard drive I accidentally cloned the empty external hard drive on to the PC I had spent so long preparing. This means in a matter of seconds, I wiped everything off the PC. So now I have to start again from scratch. Not smart.
On a happier note, at least I'm on annual leave next week. I plan to start jogging again next week too. It's going to be hard work starting again, especially at this time of year when there aren't as many 5k and 10k races to train for. I'll need to have a look at Jog Scotland, Runners World and maybe Fetch Everyone too, for some inspiration and something to work towards.

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