Home Office Space - Before and After


I am so lucky to have a home office space in my house.  For a while we were putting up with the 70's decor but then I decided to claim to the space and Kane and I got stuck in to decorating and I realised I never did share the before and after pictures.


When I was stripping the wall paper off the walls I had a really bad cold.  I had to rest often because my body hurt but using the wall paper steamer did great things for my stuffed up sinuses!

I had to rope in Kane's help for doing some of the high painting and once it was all finished then we put up the new roman blind and light fixtures.  I had great fun spray painting the filing cabinet, but I think I might have spent more on spray paint than I did buying the second-hand cabinet in the first place!

I got a nice new monitor for my birthday and had great fun picking out the rest of the functional and not-so-functional decor.


I like making myself a nice hot drink, lighting my scented candle, streaming a chill spotify playlist and cosying into my space to get stuff done!

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  1. San says:

    Great makeover! I love the wall color!

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