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I found a nice pattern to use my North Ronaldsay yarn on that I bought when I last visited Orkney in 2016.  It's called the Bandana Cowl and its my first go with short rows. 

\\ From Purl Soho Website \\

The first two attempts failed because I didn't use stitch markers but on my third attempt I've made it passed the short rows and I'm heading for the decreases.

I find knitting quite therapeutic, almost meditative, and any excuse to cuddle with my cat on the sofa feeling cosy is fine with me!  The other cat prefers to go watch Kane play computer games =^-^=

// Me and Azzy cat //

I really ought to knit more often but I need to knit with a purpose, so I'm recommitting to knitting some baby hats for the local hospital and also knitting some hats and scarves for the local city mission.

Maybe now I can knit short rows I should give some hygge woolen socks a go?

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What's your favourite wooly item?

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  1. San says:

    That's a great cowl. Can't wait to see your finished project!
    I find knitting so calming, too.

  2. Jeanie says:

    Oh my! What a beautiful cowl. I love all wooly items, though I don't knit like I used to because my hands are starting to get wonky so I can't go very long or use smaller needles very well. I love those socks and hope to see your version!

    Thanks for coming to my post on Marmelade Gypsy! I see you have cats too -- aren't they the best for a truly hygge life? That was my word of the year last year and I seem to keep on living it!

  3. That cowl is so pretty. I love pieces like that. I haven't done any knitting this winter as I've been focused on finishing a blanket I'm crocheting. But my stupid RA has kept me from finishing it as my hands always seem to be impacted when I get a flare. I would really like to finish the blanket I'm working on before the baby is born so hopefully I get a pain-free window soon!

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