Currently in ... October

Its almost Hallowe'en!  Time to stock up on lollies and check out the spooky Netflix offerings.  I'm thinking The Burbs :)  Most of my thinking has shot ahead to Christmas though and I'm enjoying the possibilities.

Reading: I just finished reading a book called Lagom and I'm about to start on a different book called Lagom.  I've also got two murder mysteries sitting on the table waiting to be opened.

Watching: The Good Place and Greys Anatomy are back!  I'm also re-watching Psych, I miss those guys.

Feeling: I'm a bit up-and-down right now and trying to work through all my feelings.

Thinking: Christmas 2014 was epic.  It was so good that it broke Christmas for me for years because I couldn't come close to recreating it's magic.  I'm now ready to try.  It won't reach 2014 levels, but I'm seeing it as a practice year for 2019.

Anticipating: Christmas markets!

Listening to: Spotify playlists.  I love to put on one of the Focus playlists and get cracking.

Planning: I'm planning on buying sparklers when they are for sale next month.  Fireworks and sparklers are only on sale for about 3-5 days at the beginning of November, once a year.

Working: Working on my Holiday Council Q4 goals.  I'm a total HoCo convert now.

Wanting: I priced up some new outdoor furniture, rug and bbq.  I want those things and the $2500 to buy them!

Needing: I really need to get out of the house and have some fun!  Maybe mini-golf?

Grateful: Super grateful to Kane for painting the room that is our home gym.

Wishing: I'm hoping its going to be a good summer.

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