Happy Hallowe'en!

I watched the first 4 episodes of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch at the weekend and so far I find it quite interesting and not what I was expecting.  Kane and I keep trying to place what year it might be set in but the furniture, clothes, tech, music and pop culture references are so mixed up!

// from Google Search

The weather turned to custard over the weekend as well and our beautiful warm spring days were replaced with gloomy dark and rain filled ones - no garden was mowed this weekend!

It really added to the atmosphere of the TV show though, and I felt very inspired to decorate for Hallowe'en.  I pulled the box of decorations from the garage and set to work putting fake cobwebs, spiders and ravens out the front of the house and then decorating the front door area with more cobwebs, spiders, ravens, a skull, besom and streamers.  I got the bluetooth speaker and tested out the spooky Hallowe'en sound effects and set my Hue hall lights to flash and change colours.

//Webs and Spiders

//Webs, Cloaks and Brooms

We don't always get Trick-or-Treaters around where I live, but we have had a few in previous years so I like to get some chocolatey treats in just in case (and then I get to eat them if not many kids show up!) I think now I've decorated we might get more kids so less lollies for me :(

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