Feeling less social!


Having fallen so deeply down the rabbit hole of social networking and microblogging madness, I'm now finding it difficult to keep up with everyone and still lead a normal life. I'm thinking about dedicating a day of the week to just trying to catch up.

I feel so social

My work has started using Twitter and curiosity got the better of me so I've signed up too. This of course led me to investigating Twitterfeed and using this to update my twitter with my blog posts and ravelry projects. From here HelloTxt caught my eye and I signed up for this and added in all my social networking sites: Bebo, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. A slight detour took me by way of Feedburner and Google Reader. Then I saw an advert for Digsby, so I downloaded this and added in all my IM clients, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk and Facebook Chat. So now no matter what I do online, about a billion socialmicrobloggingwebsites will know what I am doing/thinking and I'm not even that interesting.

The Cupcake Cat


Steve explained to me in the pub the other night that Warren's girlfriend had made excellent muffins for the office the other day, and that my DH had said I make great cupcakes. Of course Steve needed proof of these great cupcakes so I baked up some chocolatey goodness for their office

I usually make cinnamon ones because they're my favs. I'm not really a fan of chocolate cake, so I figured it would be in everyone's best interest if I made chocolate ones!

My cat adores cupcakes. I know he loves plain and cinnamon cupcakes, and it looks like I can add chocolate to the list too. When DH tried to feed him this morning, he totally turned his nose up at it and returned to the kitchen to watch the cupcakes. DH is off to work with 11 cupcakes, as I shared one with the cat this morning.

I'm making tea loaf tonight, I don't think he's a fan of dried fruit but I suppose we'll soon see.