Christmas Wish List


Should my family be stuck for an idea of what to get me this Christmas or if anyone feels inclined to buy me a gift here are some of the things I like, in no particular order:

  • Fleecy PJ bottoms that were dark blue and had snowflakes on the from Primark

  • World Peace

  • Thermal boot socks with traditional looking prints on them that make them look wintery/Christmassy

  • Unusual ear ring holder

  • Kath Kidston knitting needle bag
  • A pretty crochet hook roll

  • Small evening hobo bag like the Julien MacDonald ones

  • Decorative triple wave bun pins

  • Cardigans

  • Coloured, patterned or plain holdups

  • Ribbons

  • Love Etc perfume from the Body Shop

  • Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon – it's a fiction book

  • Pretty little trinket boxes

  • Charms for my charm bracelets (I have traditional and Pandora – you can get some nice cheap ones from Ebay)

  • Car charger for my ipod

  • Vintage or thrifted brooches

  • Geeky T shirts

  • A home-made music mix CD – What are your favourites?

  • Pretty notebooks and stationery

  • Pink Moleskine notebook

  • Chocolate - This particular one from the Animal Aid shop is a real treat!

  • Slanket - The blanket with sleeves

  • Momiji dolls
Things I definately don't need are:
  • Underwear
  • Gloves, hats and scarves
  • Diary
  • Ornaments
Other things to note: I'm a vegan so I don't eat meat, diary products, eggs, honey, insects or fish. I also don't wear leather, wool, silk or any other animal fur or skin.

I have no problems recieveing a gift that is second hand or from a charity shop. I think it's better for the environment anyway.

I hope this helps and if you don't want to give anything at all, that's fine too.

Let me know if you have a Christmas Wishlist!

Christmas Shopping and other fun things


I finally made a start to my Christmas shopping this weekend. I was on the 9:40 train to Glasgow for my 6 monthly trip to the opticians on Saturday and shopped for the whole day. I caught some Zzz's on the train ride home and then it was time to get ready for a night out with my nephew and his fiancée.

We went to Chiquito's in Dunfermline for some tasty Mexican/Texan/Cajun food. We ate a lot! You get fairly big portions there. Then after some good food, drink and conversation we headed out into the freezing cold night to play crazy golf. Yep, we must be crazy!

Adventure Gold Island is right next door to the restaurant and has two 18-hole mini golf courses. I can't remember which of the courses we played, but I think it might have been treasure island.

Most professional shot


A perfect hole in one!

Flukiest shot


battered off every wall before going into a the most obscured hole and getting a hole in one!

Best use of geometry


His ball always ended up behind a rock or someone else's ball but math helped him!

Too many shots had to give up

Rachael and Me

This was a draw because we both had to give up on a hole.

Most shots up the same hill


It was a close one between Billy and Rachael, but I think Rachael takes it.

Getting in the water hazard



Highest shot


battered off some rocks and it went right up into the air before coming straight back down again. Rachael is a nutter with a putter!

Best bum wiggle shot


Was a close call, but Billy managed to pot his after the bum wiggle so he wins.

Most under par


Somehow he managed to win it overall :)

Set off sirens


For the hole in one at the end. Yay!

Yes, I set of the sirens because I managed to make the coveted hole in one shot at the 18th hole and won a free game the next time I go. You know how I did it? I was thinking, if a tree falls in the woods when no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

The next day was a much calmer day but we still had more Christmas shopping to do. We went into Stirling and managed to buy more presents. I was disappointed that McAree's was closed, but they are running workshops where you can crochet a snowflake and a star (21st Nov) and knit a mini stocking (12th Dec) which I'm thinking about attending. I think they cost £5 and that might sort out 2 Christmas presents too :)

Hope people like what we've picked for them :)


So it's November already, how did that happen? It must have crept up on me and now it's only 6 weeks until Christmas and I haven't done a bit of Christmas shopping. I'm usually finished long before now and being all smug about it. Not this time though.

I have an appointment in Glasgow on Saturday so I should get a chance to make a start to it then. That's when the tricky part comes in to play - what do I actually buy for people? There's little point in buying useless tat. That makes me sad to think that the Earth's resources have been used to make such rubbish and I would certainly prefer not to receive anything at all than some mindless nonsense that has no purpose other than to tick a box on the gifter's to-buy-for list. This might make me sound ungrateful but every year I spend a lot of time and energy into picking a gift that I think the receiver will enjoy and whilst I may not always get it right, I do try. I don't like it when others do not show the same consideration.

That said, I have 6 weeks to procure 24 gifts for family members (and make some gifts for friends) and this year we also have the added challenge of DH facing redundancy.

DH told someone recently about his fear that he may lose his job to which the other person, unsympathetically, told him they were looking to buy a house and asked him for mortgage advice! Way to rub salt in the wound! We wouldn't even still be in this country if it wasn't for the same persons Special Event next year. So our lives are on hold because of them and they can't even try to empathise?

Wow, 2 rants in the same blog post? OK, better settle down!

Took my niece up to
Grays School of Art at RGU last Saturday for the open day. It looked really cool, I want to study there! They have rooms full of knitting machines and others full of sewing machines - Heaven! I think she really liked it too and we hope that she will get accepted for entry next autumn. Aberdeen was beautiful and sunny as it usually is when I go to visit. Again, trying to seduce me into moving back there. Maybe one day ...

I won't mention Aberdeen drivers though since I've already had 2 rants.

On another tangent, I was reading some nonsense article in the Scotsman, which led me to the Oranges and Apples blog. This was a fun read and I'm thinking about doing something similar like posting my Outfit of the Day or maybe I will try and do the capsule wardrobe thing. Not decided yet.