Happy Days


Hubby and I have just booked a 2 week European vacation which I'm very excited about!

It's an organised group tour so most of our activities are already planned and I have the itinerary printed off and almost committed to memory. Since this means I don't have too much planning to do, I've turned all my attentions to my holiday wardrobe and packing list.

I've decided on a colour palette of gray, pink, purple and green. Of course none of my existing clothes are suitable so this means shopping!

Like most females in the run up to a holiday, I was hoping to lose a few pounds, but since my holiday is very close I can't imagine that I will lose that much to make any new holiday clothes not fit me so I'm taking the chance and going shopping this weekend.

Maybe I'll put together a collage of my holiday wardrobe?

As if the holiday wasn't enough to keep me smiling, my pole dancing classes have started up again.

The first lesson of the intermediate classes was last night and there are 3 other girls in the class. Everyone seems quite friendly which is good.

Most of the lesson was a refresher of things we had done in the beginner class that we'll be building on in this course. We practised climbs, sitting on the pole and a spin we did with both hands in the beginners class we did one handed. The first new thing we learned was how to go upside down. I've tried this myself at home and it's a bit hit or miss if I manage it, so I was really pleased that I managed it both times! The only thing I couldn't get was a move called the crucifix. This really frustrated me as I've managed it in the past.

I'm pleased that there are no bruises. I saw a glimpse of the lesson plan though, so I know there are bruises to come!

I've also said that I'll take part in a 5k race in June with some work colleagues. I've now got the fear that I'll be rubbish so I had better get in training, maybe after the shopping this weekend ...