I've been somewhat stressed and lazy for longer than I care to admit. Many mornings I find myself rushing about at the last minute and leaving for work without having breakfast or preparing a lunch. Of course, I'm just making excuses for what I'm about to tell you.
Where I work, there's a chap that pulls up about 11.30 selling rolls, sandwiches, crisps etc. He is affectionately known as "The Roll Man". I have been a good customer of his over the years and more recently a frequent visitor. As I'm a vegan the only options for me are many of the crisps and a few of the flapjacks. I usually opt for 2 packets of crisps and a flapjack and that does me until I get home in the evening where I gorge on everything I can lay my hands on.
Last week, I was slightly more organised – I think it was because my DH has been on annual leave and has been looking after me. I didn't visit the Roll Man until Friday and even then I only had 1 packet of crisps. The Roll Man looked at me and asked ... "You on a diet?"
I am now.

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