Further Adventures in Cat Sitting

Those pair of kittens never stop! They run around and around; chew cables; scratch the table; pull fridge magnets off the fridge; climb the clothes horse; chew the rug; climb the curtains; attack the tie backs; crawl behind the book case; jump behind the TV cabinet; stand on top of their litter tray and chew the poop scoop; attack each other; climb the cat sitters! All at break-neck speed! It is truly exhausting being in their company for any length of time, I don't know how Ali does it. Here is the cat-sitting montage:

Another energetic pair is my bro-in-law and nephew. They both ran the Stirling 10k today and got personal bests. I'm very proud of them. My nephew, Billy certainly has the running bug now so I'm going to investigate some races they may be interested in next. It's also got me thinking about running too - maybe I'll go for a wee jog tomorrow morning ...

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