Needles and Pins


I had my drum lesson on Tuesday night which was excellent. I have some tricky beats to practise but once I get into the flow they seem easy, then I start to relax and lose concentration and it all falls apart. I've put in a bid for a drum book on eBay that my drum teacher recommended. It's still got a few days to go, but hopefully I'll win and get it while I'm off work next week.

So far, I'm planning on spending my time away from work drumming and running. I haven't been able to find any races that really appeal to me although I have found 2 possibilities; the Strathaven 10k in November and the Inverclyde 5k in December. I suppose I ought to just get started and see how I go from there.

I went bowling last night which was great fun. I don't think of it as exercise, but the muscles in my bowling arm are feeling a bit tender today! I met some fun people who were good company and I think everyone had a good time. No danger of me becoming a professional bowler though.

I'm afraid I haven't done much more work on my knitting and crochet projects. I need to get a wool needle so I can stitch up my first knitted fingerless mitt – until then it's just a square. Perhaps that's something else to add to list of things to do next week.

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