Adventures in Cat Sitting

We've been cat-sitting for my SIL. She has 2 very cute kittens, they must be about 12 weeks old now and they do everything at high speed and are into everything! I videoed them last night, take a look on youtube.

I also watched the first episode of Alias, which I have borrowed from a friend. It was quite good so I'm going to try and watch more of the first season over the weekend.

I ended up having a snooze this afternoon after being woken up at 2am by a fire alarm at the "massage parlour" near my flat. It was somewhat amusing watching all the prostitutes huddling in the doorway to keep out of the rain. It's not something that I don't normally see, despite the proximity to the premises. It reminded my of a blog I came across a while ago call My Neighbours are Hoors! which amused me and kinda makes me miss Aberdeen.

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