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I've been doing an online running program for 10 weeks now and I thought I'd write a review.  I don't think I've written a review before so feel free to give me some tips/corrections in the comments!  I haven't been asked or compensated to write a review and I paid for my 12 week program.  I just wanted to share my experience.

Last year sitting in the sun with my team having just completed another Ekiden Rotorua we met Alex from Moxiee Running.  He's in the business of helping people, predominantly women, reach their running goals.  About 2 weeks later by coincidence I met him again this time he was going around Auckland offices handing out flyers for a new run/walk group he was starting.  I signed up.

//Alex from Moxiee Running

The first run group was set up to go for 4 weeks and lead up to the Skechers Womens 6k.  It was great having this regular run date on the calendar with the group because I felt more motivated to go.  During this time I also learned more about Moxiee Running.  Alex isn't a qualified personal trainer or athletics coach but someone who ran the coast of New Zealand and is passionate about helping others, his purpose through Moxiee Running is to provide online motivational support to aspiring beginner runners.  I'm a perpetual beginner runner and that's how it would continue without some form of consistency and commitment to training so I took advantage of the introductory offer of $97 for a 12 week plan and got started.

Firstly I got emailed a questionnaire to find out where I'm at fitness wise and what my goals are but some of the questions are more probing into the real why you want to run.  I realised that I missed having "Runner" as part of my identity.

Next I got sent an invite to download the Moxiee Running app on to my phone.  Since the program is entirely online, the app is the heart of it.  Once I logged in I could see my program and the message tab.

My program is straight forward, I start every day with a 5 minute walk to build the fitness habit, a 4km run, 6km run and 11km run and also 3 days of fun exercise of my choosing, such as ice skating, yoga, cycling etc.  My friend also signed up and her plan has less distance but stretching days and cycling added in as her focus and goals are different from mine.  Once an exercise it complete you tap it and it puts a tick that you did it and records the day you did it on.

//Image from Moxiee Running

I'm pretty good at making running programs and could have designed my own, but the real draw card is the messaging through the app.  Alex sends me personalised videos and his enthusiasm is infectious so I feel more motivated to get the run done.  If I don't go for a run on the scheduled day, I'll get a message asking why I didn't do it with suggestions on how I can get the run done the next day.  And one of my favourites is that every Friday I have to send Alex a picture from my run.  This ensures that I do my run and I also try to find some nice places to photograph.  I had a question about stretching that I was able to ask through the app and get an answer as well getting sent some instructional videos on how to use a foam roller.  Replies are quite quick, sometimes instantaneous but certainly always the same day.

//Image from Moxiee Running
Alex consults with lots of experts in the fitness world but I don't always agree with his views on stuff like diet and I'm unconvinced about dynamic stretching and foam rolling (but I do it anyway).  However, I've definitely benefited from the online program.  For me, I needed that extra push to stay committed and consistent and I'm working my way to the point where I'll have successfully built that habit and won't need the program anymore.  Perhaps there will come a time where I want to join an athletics club and I think this kind of program bridges that gap for beginners.

There are free resources from Moxiee Running such as their weekly running groups around Auckland for beginners and I go along to one of these, you don't have to be a client to participate.  There are also lots of videos and information on the Moxiee Running blog talking about tips and tricks, motivation, nutrition, goal setting etc.  There is also a free 2 week trial and you can sign up where ever you are in the world since it's all online.

Have you tried real world or online fitness coaching before?  If yes, what were your experiences? If no, would you ever consider it?

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  1. I haven't tried something like this but I can see how it would be really helpful. I think having someone to hold you accountable is so helpful, especially when they are also encouraging you and providing positive motivation. I did join a running club 5 years ago and that has been great for me as the coaches plan our workouts and provide a lot of encouragement and support. Now that I have ran with the group for so long, I can't imagine training on my own again!

  2. Amber says:

    I haven't done an online running program but I have done online strength training/shred programs through Bobbi of NHerShoes. I really really like those programs as it's awesome to get short workouts to do at home that still completely kick your butt! It was actually going through one of those programs that got me back into strength training two years ago!

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