Race Recap: Albany Lakes Series Race 1


The first race of the Albany Lakes series was on Sunday and I had chosen to do the 5k option for this one, with the next 2 being 10ks.

Official Stats:

Distance: 5 km
Time: 0:33:39
Pace: 06:44 min/km


I'd had a really off week with not getting quite enough sleep from Wednesday, and then I skipped my Friday run because my muscles were still store from either Monday yoga or the running session on Tuesday (or maybe both), which has never happened before.  So I really didn't know what to expect going into the race.  Pre race dinner was leftover macaroni with poblano and queso sauce so still keeping the pasta tradition alive, but race morning was already too hot for coffee so lots of water was drank and we didn't bother with any breakfast.

On The Course

0 - 1 km

It was a fairly crowded start, I thought I'd seeded myself well, but it was such a mixed ability crowd that I might have been the only one who gave this a consideration.  It took a minute or so to get to the start line after the horn sounded and I started my Nike app as I crossed the timing mats but for some reason it was not playing my music, so for the first 300 metres or so I was jogging slowly as I tried to get it working properly.  And as soon as I had got music going Alex, my running coach from Moxiee Running appeared next to me!

I had music in one ear and encouragement from Alex in the other and it was a bit of down hill so we were able to get to a nice pace.

1 - 2 km

We were happily trucking along and Alex makes me talk to distract me from the running that's happening.  He asked me about Scotland when a lady with a Glasgow accent joined in.  I love this about races.

2 - 3 km

Alex whispers that we are passing people and I see that we are indeed passing plenty of people and I feel pretty good about how I'm running.  We passed the water station that signalled the half way point and I was feeling good and Alex reckoned we'd be finished in about 16 minutes and I thought he was kidding.

3 - 4 km

It started to feel a little tough here.  There was a long incline and the heat was ramping up with no shade and at the 4km marker I was about done.  If I'd been running on my own I would definitely have walked here and there were plenty of people doing just that on this hill, but I had Alex and he continued to encourage me on and to focus on my breathing.

4 - 5 km

I was delighted to make it to the top of what felt like a giant hill to me and get my breath back a little.  Then it was a quick down hill and flat 250m to the finish line.  I did manage to up my speed a little to finish and I stopped my app.

Post Race

I was really hot and needed to find shade.  It was only a bit later that I looked at my app and realised that I had run my best time in a decade, but my app hadn't recorded the full 5k so I don't get it shown on my apps pb stats boo :(  Last year I raced a 2.5km at this same pace and I was exhausted at the finish line, I'm so pleased to have done the same pace for twice the distance.

Kane finished in 27:21 and was happy.  The other two ladies in our party finished looking happy and then we went to find cool drinks and shade. 

The start and finish line was right outside the mall, and in the final race of the series we get to run through the mall - so I'm looking forward to the air conditioned part! We got some food and drinks at a cafĂ© there and then headed down to the prize giving.  The prizes are pretty good; several restaurant and mall vouchers, a few pairs of Brookes shoes, a Barbeque, and a big TV.  Nothing for us this time but there's still 2 more chances.

What's Next

The next race in the series for me is a 10k, which is the same course but 2 laps.  I've never had to do laps before so I think this might be mentally tough and I'm already dreading that little hill that I'm going to have to do twice next time!  It's also crazy hot by 8am, my app says 18degC but other websites say it was closer to 25degC and with the humidity well, it just felt very hot!  Preparations for the next one, which is on Valentines Day, will include lots of fluids in the run up, during and after the race, plenty of sun block and a sporty hat.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything active?

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  1. San says:

    Congrats! You're checking those races off one by one! ;)

  2. Way to go on running your fastest race in a decade! Just goes to show that your hard work and this training program is paying off! Those are some hot temps to run in so running so well in the heat is especially impressive!

    My weekend was pretty low key. We hosted another couple on Friday night, stayed in on Saturday night and sat on the couch most of Sunday watching football while I knitted. I had some more issues with my RA on Friday so I took it pretty easy this weekend. The only active thing I did was go to a challenging 75 minute yoga class on Saturday.

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