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I haven't blogged for a while and it's been intentional because I knew when I did I would have to talk about my cat.

My cat, Pyewacket, is sick. He has gingival squamous cell cancer and unfortunately it is too far back his jaw for any treatment. The treatment for this would have been a mandibulectomy and radiation therapy. We were told that we would most likely have to have him euthanised in about, well, 3-4 weeks now. We have another appointment tonight to check that he is still ok and that we are not being cruel by keeping him alive. It's pretty hard and I guess I'm still kinda in denial maybe? I have no idea how I will handle this and I feel kinda sick every time I think about having to do the deed. Tough times ahead for us and I hope we have the strength to cope.

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  1. Hey, its hollie. I'm really sad to hear about Pyewacket. My thought are with yous all dudette, Love you an unreal amount xxxxxx

  2. Jay says:

    Cheers kiddo, He's doing OK just now. His coat is in good condition, he eats well and he still snuggles into us and purrs. He seems really normal and that's what makes it hard because he doesn't act like a sick cat.

  3. Oh no! Poor Pye, poor you guys. Good to hear he's still purring, but it's so heartwrenching to be told your little buddy is sick and might need to go soon.

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