Yay, it's Friday! And it's sunny so I'm going to the beach this evening - life is good :)

The high of my week was having a fun time back at Choir and then catching the end of the Leafs v Red Wings game.

The low of my week was having a really low day where I was feeling totally overwhelmed.  I had to take medication and it totally spaced me out - but I did get a fantastic night sleep!

A book I'm reading is The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom.  Several bloggers I follow have given this book good reviews.  I've finished the first chapter and I'm hooked.

For my workouts, I completed nothing.  It's probably no coincidence that my low mood came along after not working out for a few days.  Its time to revamp my routines.

The best money I spent was on Sushi.  Kane and I had a very pleasant lunch date.

My plans this weekend include going to the farmers market (which I haven't been to in ages), going to the cinema to see Black Panther, and doing some work around the house and garden.

Currently In ... February

Reading: I'm reading 2 books at the moment.  Beowulf is slow going as I'm reading it in short busts at lunch times.  The language requires a lot of concentration, but it's something I've been wanting to read for a while.  A Killer Crop by Sheila Connolly is a cosy mystery in a series that I enjoy.  The light fiction is a perfect read after some translated Old English epic poetry!  I'm particularly enjoying this one as it is set during apple harvest season and I love reading about the autumnal colours.

// Azzy Cat on my book //

Watching: Like the rest of the world, I'm watching the Olympics.  I'm also catching up on Elementary.  I previously watched up to season 3 and have binge watched half of season 4 so far.  I'm clearly in the mood for cosy mysteries!  I recently bought the complete series of Gilmore Girls second hand, so that will be due a rewatch sometime soon.

Feeling: Definitely feeling the benefits of regular stretching.  I've added in clams, calf raises and squats to my Stretch and Strength Mondays and so far I'm running pain free - yippee!

Thinking: Maybe I should have a go at writing a cosy mystery?

//Murder, She Wrote //

Anticipating: I'm so excited for our anniversary holiday to China.  We picked up our visas earlier this week *squee*

Listening to: In the car, it's learn Mandarin in 40 minutes - Its a lie, it's taking way longer than 40 minutes. At home, I've been listening to a lot of Moby on Spotify recently.

Planning: I'm now planning my next knitting project.  I've finished with the bandana cowl and I'm ready to start something new, I just don't know what yet - time to visit Ravelry and indulge in photos of gorgeous creations.

// Knitting //

Working: I am Decluttering all the things! I have got rid of so much stuff it's unreal.  We used to live in such a small place that we had to be ruthless and discerning about what we keep, but since moving to a house it has become a magnet for clutter.

Wanting: I'd like to do something fun outside of the house this weekend but I don't know what yet.

Needing: I need to reboot my morning and night-time routines.  I've gotten a bit lazy of late and I think I need to institute a tech free hour right after I wake and before I go to sleep.

Grateful: So grateful for my beautiful life.  Just the other day, after Kane and I had arrived home for the day and as I was turning the key to my house, I was swallowed up by the beautiful feeling of luck and gratitude for all that I have.

Wishing: Really wishing my cats would stop bringing bugs into the house.  They don't kill the bugs, they just bring them in to play with them and then Kane and I have to keep the cats out of the way while escorting the bug back outside.  Cicadas and Mantid are current favourites.

// Mantis //

Pancake Day and Valentines Day


Pancake Day

Today is pancake day and I had a tasty cherry pancake for breakfast this morning that I had put in the freezer from the weekend.  Not quite the same heated in the microwaved rather than fresh off the skillet, but much faster and better that toast :)  

I make my vegan pancakes from this recipe by Parsley Soup but here is my Cherry Pancake version:

// Pancakes //


225g Self Raising Flour
pinch of salt
25g caster sugar
350ml soya milk
1/2 cup of jar or tinned cherries (I used left over filling from pies I was making)


  1. Put all dry ingredients in a food processor and pulse to mix.
  2. Pour in milk with motor running until smooth.
  3. Add cherries and pulse to combine, but not make too smooth
  4. Transfer batter into a jug
  5. Pour in small batches into a hot skillet
  6. Wait until bubbles appear all over the surface of the pancakes, then flip them over and cook on the other side until browned. 
You can pop your oven on warm and then transfer the cooked pancakes into the oven while you continue making more.

This can make anywhere between 8 and 16 pancakes depending on how big you like them :)

Valentines Day

This is a super easy fun Valentines Day drink.  I actually found this idea years ago as a Christmas celebration drink.  The basic idea is that you freeze fruit juice and then add to champagne or fizzy wine.

I found these lovely heart shaped molds in IKEA and they are useful for ice cubes, melted chocolate etc.

Find a new fruit juice you like, dark coloured ones are more dramatic when they melt.  I went for pomegranate

// Valentines Drinks //
And now for my Valentines cookie fail!

With the leftover pasty from the cherry pies I made I cut them into hearts and added jam.  Well I should have made little wells in the pastry or something to contain the jam better because it spread in the heat of the oven and just went every where.  My hearts look more hallowe'en gruesome that valentines romantic!

// Massacre //
Happy Pancake Day & Valentines Day!

Hygge Knitting

I found a nice pattern to use my North Ronaldsay yarn on that I bought when I last visited Orkney in 2016.  It's called the Bandana Cowl and its my first go with short rows. 

\\ From Purl Soho Website \\

The first two attempts failed because I didn't use stitch markers but on my third attempt I've made it passed the short rows and I'm heading for the decreases.

I find knitting quite therapeutic, almost meditative, and any excuse to cuddle with my cat on the sofa feeling cosy is fine with me!  The other cat prefers to go watch Kane play computer games =^-^=

// Me and Azzy cat //

I really ought to knit more often but I need to knit with a purpose, so I'm recommitting to knitting some baby hats for the local hospital and also knitting some hats and scarves for the local city mission.

Maybe now I can knit short rows I should give some hygge woolen socks a go?

\\ From Website \\
What's your favourite wooly item?

Hello February!


January was an amazing month and 2018 has got off to a great start!  In April, Kane and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary (20 years!!!) and the traditional gift is china, so we booked ourselves a trip to China!  I'm so excited!  And flights to Scotland have also been booked for my nephew's wedding in September.  I'm so excited about this too!  Of course these good things all come with a price tag, so February will be about enjoying the summer season without spending any more money! #hermit #NoSpendFeb

2018 Goals

1) A Comfortable and Beautiful Home

Last Month:
I decluttered the bedroom, living room and kitchen.  So many clothes, bags, kitchen containers and other items got donated.  We sold the old kitchen table and chairs, so finally that is out of the house, and we have a few other items to list and sell.

// Sold! //

This Month:
I want to declutter the laundry and main bathroom and get two superfluous lounge chairs listed and sold.

2) Respect and Honour My Body

Last Month:
I lost 4kgs through counting calories.  I went flexible vegan, where I only buy vegan food, but I'm using up what I still have in the cupboards that might have eggs/honey/dairy in it.  Kane is staying vegetarian so he's mostly taking care of the non-vegan food ;)  I also subscribed to Headspace and I'm trying to meditate for 10 minutes a day.

// Vegan Waffles mmmm //

This Month:
I'm working on stretching and strengthening my legs and glutes so that I stop get injured running!  I was thinking about getting a massage, however instead of spending money I will foam roll and then have a relaxing epsom salt bath with a mud masque ... and a glass of wine *bliss*

Celebrate the Season

// Fresh corn //
  • I love it when corn on the cob becomes super cheap and its so fresh!  
  • It's good to get outdoors and go for a walk up a hill or take a picnic.  
  • Our barbecue hasn't had much attention lately, but with a public holiday coming up we'll get more work done in the garden and then hopefully dine al fresco in the evening.
  • I'm planning a special cocktail for Valentines Day

// February walk up One Tree Hill //

Happy February!