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Reading: Right now I'm reading Rosemary Conley's Amazing Inch Loss Plan.  I also got an Isaac Asimov book from the library too but I haven't started it yet.

Watching: I watched hockey on the NHL app for my phone whilst on the bus yesterday - I love living in future!  Lately I've watched the first episode of Man in the High Castle and the first few episodes of Super Girl.

Feeling: I've been burning the candle at both ends so I'm feeling tired.  I get a night off tonight and even though there are a million-and-one things I could and should do, I think I just need a quiet night.

Thinking: It's time to try and lose some weight.  I love food and I eat far too much of it.  It's going to be a hard task but it's important.  That's why I've got the Rosemary Conley book, it's a low fat calorie controlled diet and with my family history of cardiovascular disease and gall bladder issues this heart healthy approach should be just what I need.

Anticipating:  The start of the Christmas festive season!  I'll be putting on some festive music and writing out my cards then soon it'll be time to dig out the decorations.

//Santa and Reindeer above Farmers Dept Store

//Doves and Baubles across Vulcan Lane

Listening to: Not a whole lot.  For some reason my podcast app is playing up.  My whole phone is playing up, it's like it knows a new model is out and it's almost Christmas.  It's an Apple conspiracy.

Planning: My black Friday shopping list.  It's not a thing here but I noticed last year how it's much cheaper to buy stuff from the US in the sales and have it shipped to me :)  We don't have Gap here and I love their jeans so that's something that's definitely on the list!

Working: Last week I started with a running/fitness coach who's focus is on helping women get into running and build healthy habits.  Right now we are working on the consistency habit.  I'm also working on redecorating my home office.
//Image from Moxiee Running

Wanting: I read the books and I've seen the other movies in the cinema so I'm keen to go see the last Hunger Games movie: Mockingjay part 2.  Maybe I'll take Kane for a Friday cinema date night.

Needing: My morning routine really needs a shake up.  I've gotten into a bad habit lately of just staying in bed after I wake up checking out social media on my phone and before I know it I've wasted huge amounts of time!  I also need a new phone :(

Loving: I'm loving yoga and my yoga studio.  I managed crow pose for the first time recently so I think I'm getting a tiny bit stronger yay :)  I celebrated by buying a new pair of Wunderunder leggings today.

//Lululemon Britomart
Grateful: for Earl Grey tea.  I drink a ton of this stuff every day and it helps me get some incidental exercise as I walk back and forth the kitchen and - I hope this isn't TMI - also the ladies room.  It's reported to lower cholesterol as well as fight anxiety, depression and stress but I started drinking it because that's what Cpt Jean-Luc Picard drinks in Star Trek:TNG and I really love the taste.

Wishing: If wishes were horses poor men would ride.  I was thinking about this yesterday and imagining what a world overtaken by horses would look like.

//The friendly neighbourhood horses
Are you going to see Mockingjay Part 2?  What is your favourite beverage?

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  1. Oh my gosh, you did crow? That is so awesome! Congrats! I have been working on that for several years and just can not do it. I don't know if it's fear, lack of strength, or instability due to how grossly sweaty I get during yoga! I feel like it's a pose I will never conquer so i pretty much just go right into child's pose when everyone else is playing around with it during the class I take!

    I haven't seen any of the Hunger Game movies even though I have read all of the books! My favorite beverage depends on the time of day... in the morning it's coffee, at work it's water, at home it's cherry limeaid crystal light, and when drinking alcoholic beverages, it's savagnon (sp?) blanc, a margaritas on the rocks with salt, or some sort of cider as that's the only beer type of thing that's gluten free! I apparently have a lot of favorite beverages. ;)

  2. Amber says:

    I've gone to all the other Hunger Games movies so I probably will go to see Mockingjay! Maybe with my friend Katie who I have seen the other ones with! And congratulations on getting into crow pose! I have only gotten into that pose a few times over the years, it's a hard one!

  3. San says:

    I love Earl grey! It's that time of the year where I go through tons of tea :)

    Also, crow? Congrats! That's a hard one I haven't been able to do yet.

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