November: Meal Miles Books and Looks

It has been a stressful month as I waited to find out what was happening with my financial future.  Thankfully today I have received some clarity around that but now I'm woefully behind with Christmas planning and the last posting date to family is on Friday eep!


I'm a little light on meal photos this month and I wished I had taken a picture of the delicious pizza that Kane made last week topped with lots of peppery roquette - yum.
1.  Halloumi fajitas
2.  Pfeffernüsse cookies - I'm ashamed to admit that I had 1.5 of these for breakfast, but I regret nothing!
3.  Sardines on toast make a tasty lunch
4.  Cappuccino that I made myself - I've not totally got the hang of the milk steamer so some come out better than others.

Miles: 45.8km

I've just started working with a coach to help me build consistency around training and to prevent me getting injured which is something that happens to me too often.
My new schedule is to run 3 times a week for set distances (3k, 6k and 11k), to do some fun activity 3 times a week, and to build the habit of a 5 minute morning walk every day.
I bike commuted one day last week when it was such a beautiful morning and I think I'll be doing more of that.
//Me on the Grafton Bike Path


I read two books this month one fiction and one non-fiction.
Brooklyn is the story of an Irish girl who emigrates from her small village to New York in the 1950's.  It's an interesting look, not only at life in those two very different places at this time but also at the challenges of growing up.
//Image from Goodreads

This was interesting book about introversion but it mostly applies to American life.

//Image from Goodreads


I got these blue tights from Lululemon last month when I was dressing up as a super hero to run a race.  I love them and I love the colour so I've added them to my yoga outfit rotation but I found myself slightly self conscious walking to the studio in them because they are so eye catching!
// At the studio
It was Scottish night at our Lions club in the middle of the month.  Kane wore his Orkney rugby shirt and I wore my blue dress with tartan tights and Scottish jewellery.

// Janelle, Kane & Me
What was your meals, miles, books and looks of November?

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  1. I should send you a pic of the magenta/purpleish tights I wear to yoga! They are SO LOUD! And I walk to yoga in them, too. I say own the bright tight look! :)

    I'm glad you've gotten some clarify on your financial situation but that's a bummer that you now feel behind on Christmas shopping/shipping!

    I have read Brooklyn and Phil's mom is thinking about picking that for her next book club meeting. I really liked it.

    I'll be sharing my Mile, books and looks tomorrow, I think! Oh and in a previous comment you asked if travel energizes me or if I have to do other things to keep my energy up. I would say that most trips do not energize me and that I tend to come back feeling kind of worn out and tired. I used to be able to be gone multiple weekends a month and feel fine but now I can only handle 1 weekend a month away, 2 at the most. If I travel, I try to make the next week a quiet week but I am not great about doing that. one of my goals for 2016 is to carve out more time for myself because I have been kind of running myself into the ground lately!!

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