Cats like Yarn!

As much as I love staged, 'posed for' photographs, I also like to take snap shots of a moment in time when people are just doing something ordinary. I have a pretty poor memory (probably due to alcohol abuse in my teens!) and I wish I had more photographs to help me fill in some of the blanks. If you look at my photographs from events, like a family barbeque or a party, you're likely to see as many pictures of people talking and laughing as you are of them posing. Although some people automatically pose when they catch a glimpse of the camera!

Anyway, here is a snap shot of me knitting and battling with my cat!

Warning: These pictures are not particular glamorous nor are they at all flattering to me!

The worst part is when you reach the bit of yarn that he's been chewing and it's still wet and smells of cat food!

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  1. How about when you catch them with one end of the yarn in their mouth, and you pull, and out comes 50cm of soggy smelly wool they'd already got down their gullet!

  2. Jay says:

    I have a constant battle with Magus and any stitching project. Once when I got home, I picked up my crochet project to find my yarn eaten through! I don't know how much he ate, if any, but I was so worried I went to the vet for advice!

  3. Yikes! I have had to resort to the current project living in a plastic shoe box, otherwise Taliesin digs out the loose ball of whatever and drags it around the flat.

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