Road Trip

Went on a road trip to Brechin today with my sis and neice to pick up their new cat.

They've decided since he is a pedigree to give him a designer name so they are liking Louis Vuitton.

Louis is a 7 year old rescue cat who has been abused by his previous owner. Poor baby had to have a few operations and get cleaned up and unfortunately is blind from a blow to the head. I don't understand how people can be so evil, it makes me so mad.

I'm really happy that he's going to live with my sister and her family because they love cats and will really spoil him. They spent a small fortune in Pets at Home buying him little luxuries. I'm looking forward to seeing him next weekend.

I made it back home in time for the Blue Blazer pub quiz. Alas, we didn't win the £100 cash prize or the bottle of vodka this time, but we did get some prizes and I claimed the Malibu shopper for myself :D

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