Going to Plan

I went shopping at the weekend and ordered a couple of new wardrobes and a new bed. DH has to get the bedroom painted before they arrive - I wonder if thats why he has such a bad cold now? hmm... I've also been bidding away for things on eBay. I'm pleased to have won the drum book I was after, but annoyed at missing out on another book after someone bid 1p more than me. Also missed out on a cross stitch kit, but someone else was willing to pay way more than I was. I've got bids on a couple more kits but will have to see how they go.

At the moment I'm enjoying not being at work and I'm finally getting a chance to finish uploading all my music CDs on to my NAS box.

I wish I could report more interesting things, but so far everything is going to plan - knitting, drumming and uploading music.

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