My First Kayaking Adventure

This was our second public holiday Monday in a row - woohoo long weekend!  On the Sunday I went to the SciFi book club where my friend Kelly and I got talking about kayaks and she invited me to go kayaking the following day.

So, on Monday morning Kane and I headed over to Kelly's place and helped to load two kayaks onto her car.  She's recently got a new car and had bars installed on the roof so it was quite straight forward loading up the two kayaks, although we did try a couple of different configurations first!

Since Kelly still had the foam blocks she used with her old car, we stuck them on my little vehicle and secured the third kayak to my roof.

Loading Kayaks
Then we were off!  I've never driven with anything attached to the outside of my car before so I was a bit nervous about it.  Driving didn't feel any different which only made me more worried that I had dropped the kayak on the road and not noticed!  I kept checking in my mirrors to make sure nothing was left behind.  The scariest part was crossing the harbour bridge.  On the way back it was a bit windier and the ropes made loud vibrating noises but still it was all fine.  It was an interesting experience!

We parked up at the marina and I pointed to the boats in front and asked Kelly if that's where we were going, and she told me no and pointed behind us.  I could only see a grassy slope, beyond which was the motorway, so I was curious as to where we were going.  It turns out that on the other side of the slope is St Mary's Bay, which is perfect for the beginner kayaker.  We carried the kayaks onto the beach and launched into the water.

St Mary's Bay
I walked into the water a little with the kayak and managed to slide onto it and sit comfortably first time.  I was surprised at how stable it was.  All 3 kayaks were slightly different and we took turns in each one and they were all easy to get in and out of.

We took a paddle around the bay and my rowing technique needs a lot of work!  I managed to splash myself with my paddle a few times.  Sometimes it was a bit tricky to steer but I managed to avoid crashing into anyone or anything!  I also didn't capsize which was a concern of mine, but even in the smaller and narrower kayak it didn't feel likely.

Kelly and Kane taking a rest

Kane wore board shorts and a singlet, and Kelly and I wore gym gear - capri pants and racer back singlets.  They both went bare foot but I kept my jandals on because I don't like being barefoot in the sea but the only time I stood in the sea was getting in and out of the kayak.  And because you sit on top of these kayaks, water resistant sun block on the legs and feet is a good idea.

My upper half only got splashed by my own poor rowing technique but my bottom got a little damp, mostly from the smaller kayak.  Quick drying gym gear was the right choice here because I was already dry by the time we finished packing up.  I brought a change of clothes just in case, but I didn't need them.

We didn't have any life jackets and St Mary's bay is sheltered enough for us to have taken that risk, but if we were going anywhere else we'd need to buy or hire them and I had such a great time that I hope to do more kayaking in the future.

Me, trying not splash myself with my paddle
Afterwards,  Kane and I headed to the pub to spend the afternoon watching the rest of the Super Bowl.  All in all, a very good day.

Have you ever tried kayaking, or would you consider it?

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  1. San says:

    How fun! I never went kayaking before. Maybe I should try it :)

  2. Fun! Looks like a great outing for you guys! I have gone kayaking several times in rivers, lakes, and the ocean. It is such a fun thing to do. My brother & SIL bought a double kayak from a friend that was moving to an area where they knew they wouldn't use it so now we have one at my parents. I had been told that double kayaks are 'divorce makers' for relationships but Phil and I have done it several times and it has gone well. It does take awhile to find your rhythm and get into the same rhythm but it's fun to do together.

  3. Amber says:

    I LOVE kayaking and we actually bought a kayak two summers ago that we have gotten a ton of use out of. There are tons of lakes around our city and spending an afternoon kayaking and fishing is one of our favourite summer activities!

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