My life this week seems to have revolved around watching sport!

On Wednesday it was a FIFA U20 football match between Ukraine and Senegal.  I'm not really a football fan but Kane is and he had bought tickets for all the Auckland group matches plus the final which is next week, which have all been held at North Harbour Stadium. 

I enjoyed the stadium atmosphere, the Ukraine fans were very vocal with their songs, chants and cheers.  The game went to extra time and then to a penalty shoot out and unfortunately it didn't go their way and Senegal won with the final score as 1-1, with 1-3 to Senegal on penalties.

Often at sports matches vegetarian food is limited to hot chips, so I was impressed to see that falafel wraps was an option and they were tasty too.  Later on we got some donuts, which were nice enough but not even close to value for money.

On Thursday sport came in the forms of our ice skating class and then watching the last of season one of Friday Night Lights.  I'm really enjoying this show!  It's an older show that ran for 5 seasons and its centred around a high school American football team in small town Texas.  I'll be starting on season 2 very soon!

Friday took Kane and I to the rugby at Eden Park and the last Blues game of the season.  It was a massive defeat and the Highlanders won 44-7.  It had rained beforehand and the Blues have performed poorly this season so the stadium was pretty quiet.  We put a blanket down on our seats to stop us from getting too wet and the security lady chatted to us for a while since there was hardly anyone in our stand.  The donut girl from the football appeared selling donuts but we weren't buying this time.

At half time it started to rain pretty heavily again and we had to move to seek some shelter.  We got seats under cover at the opposite end of the stadium but I was wet, cold and grumpy by this time!

I was up early on Saturday for hot yoga.  It was a different instructor from usual, and it was nice to have that change.  I decided to stay and do the yin yoga class that followed because I felt that I needed a good stretch - this turned out to be the best idea.

In the late afternoon we headed out to the ice rink once again, but this time it was to watch ice hockey and the first home game of the season.  The West Auckland Admirals got beat by the Southern Stampede 3-11.  I was on the lookout for the donut girl, but there were no donuts on sale here - a gap in the market?

On Sunday we meant to watch the latest Stanley Cup playoff game on NHL GameCenter but I ended up sorting out some stuff for choir and practising the new songs that were emailed out on Saturday, and I wasn't able to go to the Admirals hockey game since it clashed with choir practise (which was awesome! we are starting to sound like a choir) but I saw that the Admirals got beat again :(

In summary, great week for me, not so great for my sports teams :/

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  1. Wow, you did have a sports-filled week! Good for you for taking back-to-back yoga classes! I bet the second one was really relaxing. I have never taken a yin yoga class but I have heard they are great.

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