Currently In ... June

Here we are in June and just days away from the shortest day.

Reading: I haven't started a new book yet, but I looked out Northern Lights by Philip Pullman to start reading. 

Kane read the His Dark Materials trilogy a while ago so we have all the books in our house and I've been meaning to read them for some time. 

Also, The Forever War by Joe W Haldeman is ready for me to pick up from the library.

Watching: Again, I have quite started watching anything yet.  I finished Game of Throne, season 1 of Friday Night Lights and Daredevil.  True Detective is starting soon and I think there is a new series of Orange is the New Black to watch.  I expect I'll be starting on season 2 of Friday Night Lights soon and I've got season 2 of Vikings to watch too.

Eating\Drinking: Got some excellent food and mulled wine at the Lions Club Midwinter Dinner on Wednesday.  I look forward to Kevin's slow cooker mulled wine all year!

Feeling: In the mood for a cosy fire, a purring cat, spiced rum and a good book

Thinking: About a birthday gift for Kane

Anticipating: Midwinter - I love having 2 Christmases a year :D

Listening to: Taylor, Carly, Lana and Haim

Planning: A midwinter feast!

Needing: To sort out presents for several up coming birthdays and post a baby gift.

Wanting: Some new workout clothes.

Loving: How everything is really starting to come together now at choir.

Wishing: That housework faeries were real things.

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  1. I'm thinking about a birthday gift for my significant other, too! He's a total minimalist so he can be tough to shop for.... I'm hoping to come up with a 'experience' type of gift for him.

    I wish housework fairies were a real thing, too. And fairies that would cut up my fruits and vegetables for me. :)

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