Last Week

Last week we celebrated my husbands birthday with a mini vacation and it was wonderful!  Floating in a hot pool, cocktail in hand, gazing at the stars in the sky - bliss :)  I'll write more on that soon.

Last week was so relaxing that my sleep pattern started to resemble that of my cats haha.

Last week I ran another trail race (which was not muddy this time). I'll get my race report written soon!

Last week I took part in a drinks survey for a new soft drink and got $50 for doing so *yay*

Last week I celebrated a midwinter Christmas with lots of my favourite foods and drinks.

Last week I watched a whole season of Sense8 and Friday Night Lights.

Last week was the last choir session for this term so we all brought a plate of food to share and socialised for a while.

Last week was a really fun week!

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  1. Your mini vacation with your husband sounds perfect! I'm glad you guys got a chance to get away and celebrate his special day! I'm hoping to do something like that with my boyfriend around his birthday in August!

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