Weekend Recap

It is Monday morning and it is dull, grey and raining.  It's a far stretch from the wonderful weekend I've just enjoyed with my husband.


On Friday evening we had planned to go to the rugby but instead decided to take back a library book and then go to Revive for dinner since I had coupons.  Unfortunately it wasn't open so we had to come up with a plan B and decided to get some Sushi from the Sushi Factory.  (The next day some coupons came up for the Sushi Factory so even though we've just been I couldn't pass it up!).


The weather was absolutely glorious all day on Saturday.  I wanted to head to the farmers market because I hadn't been in a while and I was hoping that the vineyard would be doing their mulled wine.  It turned out to be too early in the year still for mulled wine and the temperature was really too warm to be drinking mulled wine anyway.  We got some coffee and croissants for breakfast and wandered around the market.  We got a good haul of fresh groceries for the week.  I'm not quite sure how it happened but I managed to spill coffee all the way down my front!

The farmers market I go to is the Oratia Farmers Market and its right next to Artisan wines so even though it wasn't a mulled wine day I still decided to purchase a couple of bottles of wine :)

Once we were home we finished doing some housework, had dolmades for lunch and then spent the afternoon in a corn maze which was great fun and something we plan to do next year too.  We got home about dinner time and I made some tricolore fettucine with the duxelle I got at the farmers market and I sliced up some portobello mushrooms and some of the beans I got at the market and sauteed them in olive oil and garlic pepper and served them on top of the pasta.  It went very well with a glass of red wine.  After dinner we watched the movie Snowpiercer which turned out to be a bit of a disappointing film.


For breakfast I toasted some of the sourdough bread I got at the market and spread with avocado and chopped tomatoes and basil.  We had already planned that we would either go for a walk in the Waitakeres or get some hardware things we need for the garden depending on the weather.  The weather was fairly overcast but not raining even though it looked like it might.  We waited until after lunch to see what the weather was going to do and decided that we would do the easy Auckland City Walk.  We did this at very leisurely pace stopping to look at the kauri trees and read the flora information signs and it took us about 40 minutes.  After this we went to the Arataki Visitor Centre took some photos of the vistas and grabbed some maps and info leaflets about more walks in the area.

It was coming on dinner time when we got home so we made dinner of Quorn turkey style steaks, roast carrots, brussel sprouts and beet root and watched a couple of TV shows we had recorded.  Then I had a nice bath while catching up on Once Upon A Time using the TVNZ on demand app on my iPad.

I was so relaxed I think I only managed about 2 paragraphs of my book before I fell asleep.  It was a pretty great weekend.

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