Currently In ... April

I went for my first run since starting physio and it was ok.  I'm repeating week 4 since its been a full week without any running and I didn't feel like I could take a step forward in my training just yet.  I'm pretty happy with my efforts today and looking forward to moving on to week 5.

Reading:  Double Knit Murders by Maggie Sefton. 

Watching: Suits, Castle, Greys Anatomy, Grimm, Agents of Shield and Game of Thrones is back!

Feeling: A little frustrated at not making as much progress with running as I would have liked.

Anticipating: Returning to ice skating this week and a new choir is starting up and I've signed up for it.

Listening to: The audiobook of Outlander.  It's quite terrible and I've fallen out with it so many times - I actually blogged about giving up on it in March's MMBL but for some strange reason I'm still listening to it :/

Planning: My workout schedule to include some strength training as directed by the physio.

Working: On getting my garden under control a little at a time.

Wanting: New clothes and a new bag.

Needing: To get my nutrition under control.

Loving: Autumn and apple things like spiced apple cider, spiced apple tea, apple cake.

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