March: Meals, Miles, Books and Looks



I've been hosting my parents for most of March so meals have been a mixture of home cooked and restaurant meals.

We went for a day trip to Puhoi and when we were there we visited the cheese factory shop and purchased some very nice cheeses, so the following evening we had a cheese and wine, with mixed olives, artichoke hearts, semi-dried tomatoes, oat cakes and crackers.

We had some quorn BBQ fillets in the freezer so I made those with some mixed veges and some mini corn cobs my Dad had left.  Mixed up some sriracha and butter and coated the cobs in it and it was delicious! :)

Also pictured is some tomato, garlic, basil and olive oil mix piled on top of toast which is so good to eat at any time.  And my famous chilli which I made for my parents using some of Kanes freshly harvested chillies.

At one of our restaurant visits I had this pear, blue cheese and walnut salad and it was so amazing!  I will need to try and recreate this at home sometime.

Miles: 19.9km

I decided I was going to buy a one month membership to a yoga studio when they changed their plans and I got an even better deal - included in the membership is full access to the gym downstairs and you can bring a friend every time for free!

With access to treadmills I decided that I would start on the couch to 5k program again.  Treadmill running is much easier than outside running because you have a nice cushioned surface to run on, the treadmill does some of the work for you by dragging your leg back rather than you having to push yourself forward and you don't have to worry too much about hills or temperature control.  This little bonus gym membership means that I'm able to start running without compromising my main goal of stretching out and loosening up my muscles - really happy about this!


I had to give Delirium back to the library before I had finished it :( and then I finally got too angry at Outlander (aka Cross Stitch) by Diana Gabaldon.  There were many occasions where I got angry at this book and had to stop, but then convinced myself to push on but when I came the whole wife beating incident that the beaten wife seemed to forgive very quickly followed by what I think is about to become martial rape I just stopped and I can't think of any reason to continue with this.  I hate having to give up on a book, but I think I'll skip to the last chapter or two to get some kind of closure.

I'm currently reading Knit One, Kill Two by Maggie Sefton.  Actually the book I have is Double Knit Murders and has two stories in it, this one and Needled to Death.  Can you tell they are knitting mysteries? :)

I haven't really done too much reading this month and there are a few books on my list that I really want to get to reading.  I think I'll check out what audio books are available at the library so I can listen to these when I'm at the gym.


Apart from my Taylor Swift Keds it was all about Lululemon this month!

The wunder under crops are brilliant but its the towel and the bang buster headband that have made the biggest difference to my hot yoga experience.  When I couldn't find my bang buster headband I ended up battling with sweat getting in my eyes and when my towel was in the wash I found my hands slipping on the mat without it. 

I still need to get more workout wear but I can't justify the price of getting everything from Lululemon.  I hope to get another pair of wunder unders eventually and the rest I'll buy budget from the Warehouse.

Also, March is officially the start of autumn so I've been trying to wear more demin, plaid and boots but it's still pretty hot during the day - we're looking at 23/24 degC this week!

What are your meals, miles, books and looks of March?

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