I joined a gym

I've been reading a few blogs and fitness sites lately and I've particularly been inspired by Amber over at GirlWithTheRedHair.com and Rhona at RedWineRunner.co.uk and I'm quite keen to start yoga, body pump and running.
Every morning this week I have been trying to do some sun salutations and I can see this will be a long road.  I was reading an article by Kino MacGregor on Yoga Journal and in it she mentions that it might take 10 years to accomplish the jump through!  So I better get started huh?

One day this will be me!
Image from kinoyoga.com
I decided to bite the bullet and join a yoga studio I had done a trial week with in January and as luck would have it they have recently joined up with the gym in the same building to offer a deal where you get a gym membership for free!  So I signed up.  Unfortunately this took longer than just paying for a class so I ended up missing the yoga class I was going to, d'oh.

The gym also offers a Body Pump style class and of course access to treadmills.  It also has a tiny little sauna the size of a shower cubicle that I'm keen to use.

I'm very aware that I don't always have the best track record when it comes to gym memberships, but it was such a good deal that as long as I go to a class once a week I'm breaking even and I'm not signed up to a contract or anything so I can give up my membership at any time.

Until next time .. Ommmmm ...