February: Meals, Miles, Books and Looks


With Kane's parents visiting and our mini-break to Rotorua we have been eating lots of restaurant meals, a few take-aways, and some home cooked meals.

One of my go-to easy meals for guests is ravioli, spinach and salmon, which I found on the Better Home and Gardens website.  I like to use Delmaine Spiced Pumpkin Ravioli, it goes really well with the salmon.

And if that isn't enough pumpkin-y goodness then finish with pumpkin spice popcorn!  It's really easy to make and was perfect for our movie night.

Mini bowl of popcorn all for me!


Popcorn kernels
Sugar (I used caster sugar)
Pumpkin spice mix

I'm afraid I didn't measure out any of the ingredients but I made a 30cm (12") bowl of popcorn.  About 3 tbsp caster sugar and 2 tsp pumpkin spice. 

I used a cast iron dutch oven and heated a little canola oil in the bottom - it needs to be an oil that can stand a high heat so butter and olive oil are no good.  I've since had a go at making popcorn in the microwave and you need to use a microwavable glass bowl with a lid or tight fitting plate on top and microwave for about 2:45- 3 minutes.

Transfer the popped corn to a bowl - if you have microwaved it then your glass bowl is going to be seriously hot!  Mix the sugar and spice together and then sprinkle over the popcorn et voilĂ .


Ok, I have been taking it easy - too easy.  It's easy to fall into excuses but I can't hide from the extra pounds and I want to be losing weight not gaining it!


The reading has slowed down a bit this month and I'm currently still reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver.


I'm loving that we are in late summer heading into autumn.  I recently bought this hooded shirt from Max (below left) and I am so looking forward to wearing it throughout the autumn season.  I also can't wait to wear the body warmer I got from Gap.

Image from Max Image from Gap