Currently In ... February

Hello!  It's the middle of February! Hope you all had a nice Valentines day and ate lots of yummy pancakes yesterday.  Anyone giving something up for Lent?

Anyway here is my snapshot for the month:

Reading: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Watching: Agent Carter, Castle, Greys Anatomy, Grimm and I've just started watching How to Get Away with Murder.

Feeling: A little under the weather, a bit of a cold I think but it's getting better.

Thinking: About all the things I have to do!

Anticipating: My parents coming to visit!

Listening to: I finished listening to the podcast Serial, so now I'm on the hunt for an audio book.

Planning: My own little Thanksgiving/Harvest Home for March.

Working: On getting my healthy lifestyle back on track.

Wanting: New clothes!

Needing: To get my car and bike fixed :(

Loving: Late summer.  It's one of my favourite times of the year.

Grateful: For family

Wishing: Safe flights for family that are coming and going.