Weekend Recap

My parents who have been staying with us for 3 weeks left on Thursday evening so the rest of Thursday was spent veg'd out on the sofa binge watching TV shows.

Friday I did the last run for week 2 of the couch to 5k program and then did some foam rolling and wrote up my blog post about that.  The rest of the day was spent doing a little laundry and cleaning and generally just chilling out.

On Saturday I made us blueberry pancakes which we had with maple syrup and they were so tasty if I do say so myself!  Then we headed out to do some grocery shopping from the UK and North American stores.  We go to these two stores about 4 times a year.  Lanes Foodmarket, formerly The English Corner Shop, imports and sells lots of UK products and a few specialty Scottish products like macaroon bars, Irn Bru and Tunnocks caramel wafers.  We go there to stock up on Quorn and Linda McCartney products - during spring and summer its mostly BBQ foods, but during autumn and winter we make sausage casseroles, cottage pie, quorn curries and such like.  Martha's Backyard sell North American products like Kraft dinner, Sriracha, Vlasic dill pickle.  I picked up some of the red velvet oreos - OMG so yum!

Saturday evening took us to see RNZBs ballet, Don Quixote.  We had actually seen Don Quixote by the Russian Ballet exactly 1 year ago, but the RNZB always does such a fantastic job and the set and costumes were a feast for the eyes.

On Sunday we went to the Great Pumpkin Carnival and had a lovely day looking at the pumpkins and wandering around Hamilton Gardens.  We had lunch at the gardens cafe and I had to have the pumpkin roulade!

We wound up our weekend by watching the first episode of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

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