Monday Meeting: Healthy Living

Here we are at the start of a new week.  Firstly, lets review last week and then plan for the upcoming week.

Last weeks workouts:

Hot power yoga x 4
Yin yoga x 1
Couch to 5k x 1

Last weeks calorie intake:

Total calories consumed = 14396

What worked well:

  • Using Myfitnesspal to track my food intake
  • Making and freezing sandwiches in bulk
  • Using the special Sport load setting on my washing machine!
  • Freezing bite size mars bars

What didn't work so well:

  • Having guests staying - too many meals out.
  • Buffet meals - I'm not good at exercising control!
  • Having a Tank for lunch - it was almost 800 calories!
On to this week!

Planned workouts:

Hot power yoga x 3
Couch to 5k x 2

Planned meals:

Breakfast - toast or cereal
Lunch - sandwiches *make these in bulk today*
Dinner - *draft a meal plan today and go shopping*, restrict eating out to Fri, Sat, Sun

Things to try:

  • Keep using Myfitnesspal
  • Portion out snacks
  • Try to restrict eating out to weekends
  • Make a list of quick recipes


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