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Here we are halfway through August and I bought some Halloween decorations at the weekend.  I've been doing a lot of mid and long range planning lately so it's quite nice to stop and look at what's happening in the present.

Reading: Nothing! I'm in a bit of a slump at the moment but I'm waiting on Quiet by Susan Cain from the library so perhaps that will get me back into the habit of reading.

Watching: just Suits since True Detective has finished and I watched all of season 1 of Community.  I'm looking forward to watching season 2 and also the next season of Fargo when it comes out.

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Feeling: much calmer and more productive since I tidied up my house - it's like I decluttered my mind at the same time :)

Thinking: about what I want to do for my birthday that's in 2 weeks.  Almost certainly birthday breakfast pancakes!

// Pancakes from earlier this month
Anticipating: the 6k race on Sunday - I'm a bit nervous about it as my training has been a little haphazard lately.

Listening to: lots of podcasts; Starr Struck blog, Radiolab, Dear Sugar and This American Life

Planning: on doing some redecorating but I don't know where to start!

Working: on my to do list and routines.

Wanting: Santa toilet seat cover and bathroom set.  I've wanted one since last Christmas and I even dreamed about it last night!  There's also reindeer, snowman and other winter and Christmas themed ones - I want them all!!

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Needing: a nice relaxing night in, maybe with some good food and wine, to enjoy a warm fire and the last bits of winter.

Loving: that Spring is right around the corner and I get to put away my winter coat and boots yay!

Grateful: that even though my problems cause me stress, in the scheme of things, they are really very small.

Wishing: I'd been able to go snowboarding this winter, but I've actually had a really good winter.  Maybe we'll go to the indoor snow sports centre in summer instead haha.

What's your favourite thing to do/eat/drink/etc. on a relaxing night in?

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  1. It's weird to hear you talk about winter coming to an end and spring being around the corner! It's been really fall-like here this week which some people are loving but I am not! I want summer to last a bit longer! I love fall but I am just not ready for a new season just yet. That said, cozy nights in by a fire sound awesome! I wish that I had a fireplace, although that's impractical to wish for since I live in a high rise condo building. ;)

    My favorite thing to do on a relaxing night in is make dinner together, play a game of some sort or watch a movie. My favorite drink is white wine or cider beer!

  2. San says:

    Good luck on your race!!

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