Friday the 13th and Valentines Day

Friday 13th

The weekend started with Friday the 13th and we thought it would be fun to note the date with a cheesy b horror flick and some take out Hell Pizza.  I had suggested a haunted corn maze but in truth I would be too terrified to do this and was counting on a unanimous no way!

A while ago when our local video store closed down we bought a few DVDs for practically peanuts and one of the ones I picked up was Loch Ness Terror.  I'm not much of a fan of horror movies but I've seen a couple of these SciFi (SyFy) channel ones now and they are quite funny and entertaining.  (See my post: Cinco De Mayo)

Images TL: Amazon,TR and BL: Pixgood, BR: Jennya'things
Kane and his parents had been at the liquor store and bought me some Budweiser and then Kane ordered pizza for delivery and then we all just relaxed with a beer or wine and once the pizza arrived we put on the movie.  This movie was just what we needed at the end of a long week and we laughed, jumped at times, and had a good time.  And we recognised a few of the main actors from other shows like Psych, Eureka, Star Gate SG1, and Charmed.

Valentines Day

The next day was Valentines day.  I've never really celebrated this day much before and when we got married our anniversary became the day to celebrate love.  However this year I wanted to give an outward expression of love, of platonic and neighbourly love, of familial love, and of romantic love.  Whilst our anniversary is a private celebration of our personal love story, Valentines day can be a way to express the sentiment "be the change you wish to see in the world" and maybe the world could use a little more affection.

I wanted to make a nice breakfast for everyone and had planned on heart shaped eggs and toast with rose and french vanilla tea or Irish cream coffee.  The heart shapes weren't very apparent on the toast and I only managed to make 1 successful heart shaped egg (which I gave to my husband of course!) but the tea and coffee made it to the table as planned though.

At least I had decorated nicely thanks to this simple craft tutorial I found on Strawberry Chic for vertical heart garlands.  I got some patterns from Mein Lila Park that I printed out and then cut hearts of various shapes and sizes and cut slits in them to thread string through.  I had trouble getting the string to go through so I threaded it onto a large wool darning needle and used that to make it easier.

I had also got all 4 of us special valentines day tickets for the rugby (Blues v Chiefs).  This included access to the Valentines lounge where there were pre-game games and post-game player socialisation, and a complimentary drink.  We were all given Blues flags and blue roses too.  It was the first game of the season and it was a roller coaster of a game that unfortunately the Blues lost but I think my in-laws enjoyed the experience.

All-in-all a successful weekend even though I came down with a cold on Sunday and spent the day watching TV and playing computer games!