Christmas Shopping

On Saturday I had to take my car in for it's WOF (warrant of fitness) and while it was in the garage Kane and I went into Newmarket to grab some breakfast and make a start to the Christmas shopping.

After some delicious eggs benedict with mushrooms and avocado we went into the mall to see if we could get some ideas.  A short while later I got a call from the garage telling me car had failed its WOF for a frayed seat belt and it would take a week and $400 for the part to come in.  Sigh.  We headed back to get the car, sorted out the details and made another appointment for the following week to get the work done.

After that we headed to another mall to continue battling with Christmas shopping plans.  Both our families live overseas and if I mail things to them I have to try and do this sooner rather than later, and inspiration was being very elusive!

Feeling a little defeated, we had to stop for lunch to refuel, give our feet a rest, and plan our next attack!

After lunch we headed into a shop and that's where the brainwave hit!  We then blitzed most of the shopping and had plans for the rest.

Last year I had agreed with my family that since there were now so many of them that I would send a hamper for them to enjoy at my parents house on Christmas morning.  (I really wish they would do a Secret Santa as I would certainly prefer to spend my Christmas budget getting something wonderful for one person instead of having to stretch it across 18 people.)  This year the hampers didn't quite seem worth the money and I went back and forth over this but in the end a solution presented itself and I hope everyone in my family enjoy the gift I have planned.

To celebrate what was eventually a very successful shopping trip we went to Starbucks for a one of the special red cups drinks which is always a highlight of Christmas shopping for me and I got a toffeenut latte and Kane had a peppermint mocha and then we went home very happy.