Five on Friday

Wow, what a crazy, full week it has been!  Here are the highlights:

One: My poor husband has been through the wringer this week but I'm so impressed with how he has handled himself.  He's an undemanding and easy going person who quietly works very hard and therefore if anyone deserves good things, it's definitely him and I'm very pleased that he has had some good news this week.

Two: As if there wasn't enough stress in our lives this week, we both had to do some public speaking (!!) but we survived and had great fun at our Lions Club Scottish Night.

Three: I ran a 6k race and was consistent with my times of late, but I have started to do the couch to 10k program again from the start since I only made it half way through before taking several weeks off due to injury.  I've done week 1 and I'm doing it in the mornings now since it's too hot in the evenings.

Four: We've been learning some fun and challenging things at ice skating and the past 2 lessons we've been trying to do mohawks which is where you glide forward on one foot and then switch to gliding backwards on the other foot - it looks so easy but so hard to do in practice!

Five: I just love the library system.  I love that I can order books online and choose which library I want to pick them up and then I can drop them off at any library I'm near.  It's such a good system.  Through the library website I found some recommendations for books so I have created a reading list Pinterest board so that I don't forget what I want read!