A Change of Routine

We have been in our new house for just over one week now and we are still very much unpacking, sorting and organising our belongings.  It’s very reassuring to have a place to settle into and when I place something down I know that it can stay there forever if I want it to.  For such a long time things have been temporary and “it’ll do for just now”, at last we can make things permanent!  However, I am neither pressuring myself to get things right the first time, nor am I throwing things into cupboards with the thought “I’ll sort that out later” - best effort is the current mode.
I am quite happy with my closet, and with a recent purchase of shoe racks I think we have the beginnings of a happy relationship, but I’ll know more once I have the rest of my belts and scarves in there!
So far we have taken a walk around the neighbourhood and visited the local pub. We have met with several of our neighbours and they have been friendly and welcoming and have all said nice things about the street and the area.  I am surprised by how quiet and countryside-like it is, there are sheep in a field near my house and just the other day I had to stop my car to let a line of ducks cross the road – how cute is that!  I know this is more common on the outskirts of the city, but I live in Auckland city!  I just love that I have city life and country life.
I’m now creating some new routines and trying to revive some old but good habits.  I’ve gone back to Pole Fitness who have moved to a very cool new location in the CBD and I’ve started jogging in the evening.  Soon I’ll be back at skating too and lately I’ve been feeling the urge to pick up those knitting needles.
Overall I’m feeling happy and positive.  I have the occasional moment of doubt, or fear that the plumbing is about to disintegrate or the roof is going to fall in (but that’s what insurance is for right?).  I knew we shouldn’t have watched The Money Pit after we won the place at auction!

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