The Move


Myself, my husband and my cat have now moved in with my parents. We took a week off to complete the move and tie up loose ends in the flat. We packed everything up on the Friday and then the move took place on the Saturday and was very straight forward. My nephew had borrowed his works van and we roped in a few extra bodies and the whole thing took about 1 hour. It took longer to sort everything out again at my parents, but by then end of Sunday we had a replica of our sitting room and a mostly tidy bedroom (with fully functioning drum kit!) set up. The rest of the week was spent getting rid of junk from the flat and doing little DIY jobs we hadn't noticed.

We still have a few jobs to attend to. I hadn't appreciated all the things that need to be taken care of when a person moves.

We are still settling into our new routine. The commute is no problem, my total journey time is about 1 hour 10 minutes and it just flys by. I may need to upgrade from my iPod nano to an iPod classic though.

The differences between living in the centre of the city and then living on the edge of a small village are fairly obvious, but some have still surprised me as I've been a city girl for a long time now.

  1. The supermarkets are eerily quiet on Sunday evenings.
  2. Lawns get mowed
  3. There is an ice cream van that makes an appearance 4 or 5 times a day
  4. Children play outside
  5. Cats wander about the streets
  6. People know their neighbours and talk to them

There will be other things I'm sure I will notice in time :)

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