Looking to the future


I'm pretty happy about selling our house. We move on the 20th June with the official handover date as the 26th June. We're taking over 2 rooms in my parents' house and I hope I'm not causing them too much disruption!

It will be strange living with my parents again and it will be strange and sad to leave the flat that we've been happy in for the past 11 years. It's exciting too because this is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. Many people are curious of our future plans and I am not being cagey or coy the truth is, we don't have any firm plans yet but the loose plan is that once we have settled in to my parents house, then we will start making plans for moving to Auckland, NZ.

We would like to save up some money before we go, because the money we make on the sale of house will go towards buying a new one in New Zealand. It's not cheap moving to the other side of the world, we have to decided on what stuff to ship over and what stuff we'll just buy when we're there, and then they'll be the costs of getting set up with rent, utilities, changing driving licenses, buying a car etc – that'll take a lot of planning! When my parents did it, they arrived with 3 children, a few suitcases and a weeks rent money!!

Right now the task in hand is to decide what gets packed for NZ, what we need to keep handy, and what we need to get rid of - and then actually do these things. We procured some boxes and bubble wrap at the weekend and since then they have sat in the middle of our hovel we call home (ever since we no longer need to show the flat it's cleanliness has gone into decline).

So an industrious weekend is planned, however our new PS3 is due to arrive any day now ...

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