I <3 my PS3


The PS3 arrived yesterday and already I am so in love with it. I never noticed how much I missed having one. It's so much more than a games console although we did have a bash about in Tekken. Without needing me to do anything, it automatically found our Buffalo link station with our media on it and we were able to play music and watch TV shows.

Part of the reason for getting the PS3 was for PlayTV. When we move, we'll not have cable any more or the ability to record all our favourite TV shows and that's where PlayTV comes in. You can watch, pause and record all the Freeview channels. An additional feature is that you can use your PSP from anywhere in the world to watch things you have recorded on your PS3. So if your PS3 is at home recording all your favourite TV shows whilst you're on holiday in, say, Greece, then you can use your PSP and an available wifi connection and watch them at your leisure. I don't have a PSP but I am tempted by this.

Singstar, Rock Band 2, Tomb Raider, Unreal Tournament, are just a few of the games on my wish list, and I want this PS3 Drum Kit so bad!!

I know, at this rate I'll never have any money saved to get to New Zealand!!

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