2 Weeks ‘til Christmas!


Where does the time go? It's 2 weeks until Christmas and I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet!! Normally, I'm well organised and it's all finished in October. I remember why I like to finish early – it's to avoid the madness, rushing, pressure and stress.

As well as presents to buy, I have decorating to finish. The shower room and bathroom are mostly finished, but the big rooms are still to be done. I'm hoping to have it all finished by the end of the weekend.

Then of course there's the trip to Orkney organise.

On top of all this I have cold. I think I'm over the worst now, thankfully. It's never a good time to get a cold, but at this time of year when there is so much to do, it's impossible to stop and be ill for a few days. It's unsurprising that the TV is all ads for cold and flu remedies. There hasn't been many ads for indigestion tablets yet, perhaps that's still to come.

Well Santa, if your reading this and want to give me my gift early, I would really appreciate it if you slowed time down a bit or sent me a few helping hands!

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