January: Meals, Miles, Books and Looks

I'm so used to starting these monthly recaps with how quickly time passes that I'm quite surprised with how much time felt like it was standing still this month.  New Year seems like such a life time ago and I can't even remember what I did over that weekend now - was that when I decorated my home office?


Well I'm glad I took some food photos to share here.  I made vege lasagne which I haven't made for a very long time and I remember why - it's such a long process!  I also had a go at making aubergine parmesan which I hadn't made before and there seems to be so many variations on this theme I went with basic aubergine layered with tinned tomatoes and parmesan with parmesan and breadcrumbs on top.  I used a whole mango for the mango salsa and it made such a large amount we've had it twice and there's still heaps left.

Top Row
1. Salmon in dill sauce with potatoes and carrots
2. Vege lasagne
3. Aubergine parmesan

Bottom Row
1. Prawn taco with corn on the cob
2. Bean chili and rice
3. Salmon on spinach with mango salsa

Miles: 68.8km

I've been running with a group most Tuesday mornings and I have a good Friday routine and this Sunday we decided to try out a different route which has the potential to expand into longer distances.

I did one race this month which was a 5k - Albany Lakes Series Race 1 and did well for me.

Also, this month, I've had my first 2 sessions with a personal trainer who I've hired to help me get stronger.  I was pleased to find that I had good stability which I attribute to hot yoga, but as I already knew, my core and glutes are weak and I need those to be stronger to make my running better.


I read Death of a Christmas Caterer by Lee Hollis over the Christmas and New Year period.  I'm a bit of a sucker for these kind of cosy mysteries - the ones that have recipes, knitting patterns, snow globe making instructions and such like.  This one had lots of winter and Christmas recipes and cocktail recipes.  There was at least one slow cooker recipe that prompted me to get three slow cooker recipe books out from the library!

The story itself was a straight forward murder mystery with plenty of plausible suspects and the lead character was likeable.  The worst part of the book was a scene of office sexual harassment that the author failed to take this seriously and it wasn't necessary to the story so I don't know why it was written in.
//Image from Goodreads

The second book I read was The Method by Juli Zeh.  I read this for the February SciFi book club meeting.  This is translated from the original German and it's a dystopian novel likened to 1984 and  Brave New World.

I thought it was ok.  I liked the stories premise and the ideas, it was thought provoking, however it didn't feel gripping or entertaining enough.  I think this could be made into a really good movie though.
//Image from Goodreads


My looks for you this month is a simple photo collage of life this month.

We've been trying to make sure we get our 10,000 steps every day and because its been so hot during the day, we take an evening stroll to get those last few steps.  One of my favourite views is of the sea from the street at the top of my street.

I took the photo of me to brag to my sister about our lovely summer weather after she sent me a picture of her in the snow, but I didn't send it in the end.  It was like a sauna outside that day - humidity is nothing to brag about.

I love spending time in my home office now its mostly finished.  I still have to paint my desk but I'd have to move the cat first.  I love having furry company, I should have got more chairs.

Lazuli doesn't normally rest his head on the coffee table but he does get into some uncomfortable looking positions sometimes, however last night he look so comfy curled up at the base of my pillow as I went to bed, I had to sleep in the middle of the bed and put up with him kicking me in the back as he stretched out more and more.  I am such a pushover for these cats!

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  1. Yum, you made some great meals in January! It's so weird to read about how hot and humid it is there when we are in the dead of winter here (although this past weekend was beautiful). Logically, I understand why we have different seasons at different times of year, but it still catches me off guard to read about the heat you are experiencing!

    Nice job on your miles for the month! You had a great month for running! I did not run much in January due to being sick and having my RA flare so I am hoping I can bounce back in February. I know i won't run during the first week, though, as I am struggling with some muscle pain in my left leg but hopefully it heals by the time I get back from Mexico.

  2. Amber says:

    I agree with Lisa, it is definitely crazy to me to be reading all about your summer when we were are in the middle of winter and waking up to more and more snow every day!

    You did a ton of cooking in January! All your food looks awesome.

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