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Happy February!

Life seems to have picked up a little speed this month with Lions club and figure skating classes starting back.  There are a few more social events on the calendar for this month but I'm being mindful of my goal to keep the social commitments to a maximum of 3 per week.

Reading: The Makers of Scotland: Picts, Romans, Gaels and Vikings by Tim Clarkson, it's very interesting.

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Listening to: the audiobook Altered Carbon by Richard K Morgan.  It's a scifi detective noir style story.  It's a bit raunchy in places, maybe too raunchy to be listening to on the bus! but hey, no one else can hear it :)

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Watching: The X Files.  I was a fan of Mulder and Scully back in the day but I had my doubts when I heard about this new season but so far I'm loving it!  The Rhys Darby episode is funny and silly and reminds me of some of the fun ones they used to do like Bad Blood with Luke Wilson and Dreamland where Mulder switched bodies with one of the Men in Black.

Feeling: Sore, but good sore.  I purchased 12 half hour sessions with a personal trainer to help me start strength training and see her twice a week.  I'm mostly a weakling and tricep dips are the worst!

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Thinking: About hosting a clothes swap party in a month or so.  It's just an idea I'm mulling around right now.  My wardrobe needs a cull so I'll be clearing out stuff anyway and then I'll be looking to get a few new pieces for the new season. Since I'm not a big fan of shopping anyway, a swap party seems like a good idea.

Anticipating: There are lots of good things coming up this weekend but the star of show will be Kane's citizenship ceremony.

Planning: a celebratory lunch for after the ceremony and then a trip to the Auckland museum to see the Air New Zealand exhibition.

Loving: the bright pink running tights I bought for the 10k race on Valentines day.

They are so pink!

Grateful: for my health.  I was chatting with a class instructor at the gym who's been collapsing, it sounds like its been happening her whole life, and she has to wear a heart monitor for the next 4 weeks as part of an investigation into her heart function.  I feel guilty and mad at myself for abusing my own heart with too much food and not enough exercise but also grateful for the opportunity to change this.

Wishing: everyone a happy Valentines day :)

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  1. I love those pink pants!! They will be perfect for a V-Day 10k! That is sad about your instructors health issues - how very scary. For me, it took getting a stress fracture and being diagnosed with RA to realize how much I took my health for granted. I try not to anymore and I really try to give my body what it needs in terms of food and exercise. I'm FAR from perfect, though!!

  2. San says:

    Yes, I love the X-Files. I am so thrilled about the mini-series! :)
    Those pink pants are awesome, I need to invest in some colored running pants (I always tend to go for the black ones).

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