September: Meals, Miles, Books and Looks

I really feel like time is running away from me this month.  The clocks have just changed for daylight savings and the weather has become quite warm all of a sudden, but also my Facebook is full of Christmas countdowns and people making an early start to their shopping.


I've been having some fun with the pressure cooker this month, and have made a couple of nice stews, including a vegetarian coq au vin but too often I've been forgetting to take pictures!  I love that I can cook big chunky carrots in about 5 minutes in the pressure cooker but I was surprised to find that my shallots had completely disintegrated into one of the stews I made.  More experimentation required!

Here are some of the meals we made this month that I did remember to photograph:

1.  Leek, mushroom and vegetarian chicken casserole served with potatoes and mixed vegetables.

2.  Creamy leek and salmon pie topped with colby and parmesan cheese.

3. Pickled herring, rye bread, potatoes with dill sour cream, boiled eggs and cucumber.

4.  My first attempt at French onion soup topped with a crouton of baguette and melted cheese.

1.  Vegetarian sausage with fried onions and condiments on a baguette.

2.  Macaroni and cheese with broccoli and carrots. I have been experimenting with my pressure cooker and can get chunky carrots cooked super fast!

3. Home made pizza with capsicum and corn, one slice has sardine and one has pineapple since I didn't know if they would go together.

4.  Tuna niçoise salad: seared tuna steak, potatoes, egg, green beans, olives, tomatoes, cos lettuce and I made a mustard vinaigrette too.

Miles: 16km

One training run, one road race and one trail race - I don't know what happened this month!

It was the last race of the trail series which is sad.  I have really enjoyed this series and I'm planning on doing it again next year.

I've got two races coming up next month, one of which is a relay race with friends.


I finished one book this month which was The Girl on the Train.  I missed out on reading Gone Girl before I saw the movie and bought the hype that was the new Gone Girl.  I don't think it was, but I still enjoyed it and after I read it I was still thinking about how women are treated and perceived.

//Image from Goodreads


This months looks are of my new furniture!  You know you're getting old when you get this exited about new furniture but I don't care I <3 my new stuff.

I'm not too thrilled that the cats have taken to playing with each other on my new chair though.  Daily claw trimmings may be in order. 
This is my new dining table and chairs.  The table is more dressed up now with a vase of white flowers and I'm on the lookout for a lazy susan.

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  1. Your new furniture looks great! I totally get how that is more exciting that showing what you are wearing these days!

    You've made some fun and interesting meals! I feel like I just keep making the same recipes over and over, although I have tried some new ones in preparation for Julia Child night and that has been fun!

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