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September is rushing by far too fast, I can hardly keep up!  Here's where I'm at right now:

Reading: Quiet by Susan Cain, it's about being an introvert in an extroverted world.

Watching: The Rugby World Cup!  We all have rugby fever here in New Zealand.  I'm also watching Continuum, which I think is on its last season and I'm eager to find out how its going to end!  We watched the first few episodes of season 2 of Community and I've watched a couple of movies lately.  We did an Evil Dead and My Name is Bruce double feature, then last Thursday we watched About Time which was laugh out loud funny and heart warming.

Feeling: Happy that my new furniture arrived and looks amazing. Also, I'm feeling pleased with myself that, after weeks, I finally sent the 3 blocks of chocolate to family and didn't just eat them myself :)

Thinking: About a costume for the Ekiden relay race in a few weeks.  We have 2 teams of Heroes and Villains.  I think I'm going to go as Susan Storm from the Fantastic 4.

Anticipating: The spring equinox, because then I know that my days are getting longer and summer is just around the corner.  I also love seeing all the autumn and winter things that the Northern hemisphere people get up to.

Listening to: Starr Struck Blog podcast, I'm on the last episode of season 1 so I'm almost up-to-date.

Planning: I have 3 big projects on my mind; the garden, the office, and removing wall paper and repainting all rooms.  It's a bit overwhelming, so I'm trying to figure out a course of action.

Working: On my housework routines with the end goal of having a clean and tidy house on autopilot.  I've reached a sweet spot where the house is always surface clean and tidy so I'm ready to start adding in more tasks.

Wanting: To cycle more than using the car.  I did my first night time cycle at the start of the month to my Lions club meeting.  As I started out there were a couple of flashes in the sky and after I arrived at the hall it really started with the thunder and lightning and it poured down.  My cycle home was very wet which I was ok with, but I wasn't quite prepared for how cold it was!  The past two weekends we've cycled to do our weekly grocery shop and run errands and I love it.

Needing: To get my skates sharpened!  It's almost end of term so I'll get them sharpened before the start of next term.

Loving: How light it's getting in the mornings, but daylight savings will be kicking in this weekend so we'll lose those lovely light mornings again, for a few more weeks anyway.  I'm also loving seeing all the baby ducks around my neighbourhood, (I worry for them too, with the cars and peoples pets), they are so small, fluffy and cute.

Wishing: That the aforementioned plans of garden and decorating were already done!

How's your September going?  What are you currently anticipating, planning and/or loving?

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  1. That is awesome that you have done some of your errands on your bike and have been trying to use it more than your car. I ran errands on my bike last weekend and it was so fun! It helped that it was a gorgeous morning so I much preferred being out in the beautiful weather versus in my car!

    I'm anticipating the marathon which is about 10 days away, I'm planning my family girls trip to Miami, and I'm loving the gorgeous weather we've had lately.

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