Little joys for May

As I mentioned the other day I want to share with you some of the little and big things I do each month that makes me happy.  I think this post needs pictures but I want to get this up today so I hope you'll forgive me!

While the northern hemisphere is all about spring, Beltane and flower crowns we are enjoying the changing of the leaves, hearty food and autumn hikes.

In Season: apples, beans, pumpkins & squash, chillies, feijoas, leeks, pears, parsnips, swedes, turnips, rhubarb

Eat: porridge, chilli, lentil soup, rhubarb crumble, roast root veg, monkey nuts

Drink: Twinnings camomile and spiced apple tea, spiced apple cider, red wine

Decorate: pumpkins, horn of plenty, apples, corn, wheat, leaf designs, owls, red and orange candles

Smell: pumpkin spice, bonfire, marshmallow

Listen To: Counting Crows, Haim, Lorde, Pearl Jam,

Watch: Game of Thrones, Grimm, Once Upon A Time, Star Wars, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Piñata Survival Island, Final Destination.

Make: Bread, apple sauce, soup, knit or crochet a scarf, fingerless mitts, a blanket, or a headband, leaf garlands

Wear: Flannel shirts, plaid and buffalo check, jumpers, gilet, an autumn bag, boots

Workout: Trail running, hot yoga, ballet, ice skating, gym classes

Go to: Farmers market, Swiss market, rugby game, football game, opera, hiking, cinema

Stay In: Horror movie marathon, Stanley cup games, read

Local Events:

Swiss Market, Blues Rugby, Fifa U20 World Cup, NZ Opera

Other Notable Dates:

4th: May the Fourth, Star Wars Day

This is one for Star Wars fans.  I'm hoping to make some blue milk and watch the movie.  According to Wikipedia the following day is revenge of fifth where we should celebrate our dark side!

5th: Cinco de Mayo

This is a Mexican celebration of their victory at the Battle of Puebla.  Whilst I have no cultural association with Mexico, with the cold nights starting it's a nice way to celebrate spicy Mexican food!  I blogged about this last year when we celebrated by eating chilli and watching the movie Piñata Survival Island.

10th: Mothers Day

My Mother-in-law feels that Mothers day is a made up Hallmark holiday so we've never celebrated it with her.  The UK mothers day is in a completely different month than the NZ one so I just don't even bother with this holiday with my own Mum either.  This is one of those holidays that's just fallen off the radar.

25th: Towel Day 

For fans of Douglas Adams and the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  I've never taken part in this celebration before but to celebrate you are supposed to carry a towel around with you.  Before I read this book I had actually read an old thrifted copy of the Hitchhikers Guide to Europe in which it talks about the importance of backpacking with a towel and its multitude of uses so when I read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy I knew exactly where Adams had got this idea from!

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