Oh, thank goodness its Friday.  I have been exhausted all week!

The high of my week was taking part in my first trail race last Sunday, and finishing!  Actually maybe the best part was the free beer at the end!

The low of my week was feeling so completely wiped out that I had to cancel on going to the ice hockey game and postpone my ice skating lesson until Saturday.

A book I'm reading is Double Knit Mysteries by Maggie Sefton, and also I've just started Messenger by Lois Lowry.

For my workouts, I completed 1 trail race, Week 6 Day 1 of the C25k and some exercises that the physio gave me.

The best money I spent was on a new trail shoes.

My plans this weekend include grocery shopping, ice skating, going to the rugby, a birthday meal for my friend, and Choir.

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