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Back in November when we celebrated our one year anniversary of moving to NZ I posted an update to a forum I used to frequent.  Before the move I read lots of blogs and forum posts and I loved reading peoples experiences, good and bad.  I think that really helped us get a balanced idea of what life might be like for us when we moved.  I thought it might help others thinking about making the move to post about my own experiences.  Here is my post on the British Expats forum.

After that I was contacted and asked if I could be interviewed for an emigration magazine.  I agreed and submitted my answers to the questions along with a few pictures.  It proved too much of a challenge to find pictures of the two of us together as usually one of us is taking the picture so we ran about taking pictures of us in the garden!

I didn't hear any more from the interviewer and had forgotten about it when I got a facebook message from my friend Claire who had been to an Emigrate expo and picked up a copy of the magazine to find me and Kane in it!

Claire kindly scanned a copy for me and you can view the article here > Emigrate article

In the article I mention my Sci-Fi peeps so I wonder if we will be seeing any new expats soon (assuming anyone has read the article!)

It's neither myself nor Kane's first time in print but it still felt kinda weird and a bit silly.

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