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I thought I would just sneak this in here while I'm preparing the next installment of China Adventures!

Reading: I'm still reading Beowulf, I took an enforced break from it while someone else had the copy requested and checked out.  It's such a chore though, but I'm determined to get through it!  I'm also reading Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin but I'm feeling the need for some light, fluffy, fiction - any recommendations?

Watching: Just finished Jessica Jones season 2 then I caught the first 2 episodes of Cobra Kai and I'm on the second season of The Expanse.

Feeling: Brain Drain!

Thinking: I'm doing really well with my focus on weight loss, running and health in general.

Anticipating: My choirs concert at the end of the month.  It'll be bitter sweet though because the choir leader is moving away so it will be the last time singing with these wonderful people.

Listening to: Headspace and meditating about 4 times a week.

Planning: All the running plans, schedules and workouts in preparation for the half marathon at the end of October.

Working: I'm stripping wall paper in the little room that will be our gym area.

Wanting: A large bock of time where I can do nothing but read easy fiction and play video games.

Needing: A running backpack.  I used to have a camelbak, but I seem to have lost it :( I've been researching running backpacks but I'm stuck on trying to make the right choice.  Any recommendations?

Grateful: So grateful for my beautiful life.  Just the other day, after Kane and I had arrived home for the day and as I was turning the key to my house, I was swallowed up by the beautiful feeling of luck and gratitude for all that I have.

Wishing: I was back on holiday in China!

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  1. I've never used a back pack when running so I am not help in that department! I hope you find one you like as I know they can be a bit of an investment. A light book I recently read and enjoyed was "The Garden of Small Beginnings." Another light read is "Anna and the French Kiss." It's YA and it set in Paris. I thought it was delightful. And if you like that book, there are more books that are based on characters from Anna and the French Kiss.

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